Welcome at Biezon Systems the Netherlands.

Biezon Systems is a young company with a lot of knowledge and experience in washing trucks and steel-construction. Toebiewash a truckwashing company in Veghel The Netherlands, and Erik van Zon, with his own construction company, combined forced to develop the “BIEZON 2010“ with its very advanced hardware and state of the art software. Before introducing this produkt it was tested severally under the roof of Toebiewash Veghel where a big variety of trucks, busses and lorries have been washed. A new generation truckwash equipment is born, equipment where the hand labour of washing trucks is minimized.

Parts are standard, maintenance is simple so that every technician can issue a full service in every corner of the globe.
On our foto page U get an impression of our Truckwash In Bay Automatic.

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